Our Giving Policies:

  • Your personal information is handled securely through Church Community Builder and/or Pushpay. For more information about their security compliance and privacy policies, click the corresponding link: Church Community Builder |  Pushpay

  • Your information will not be given to third parties, other than to process your gift. 

  • The linked form will allow you to give an immediate one-time gift. If you would like to setup a recurring gift, you will need to login to our secure database (CLICK HERE). 

  • Once a contribution has been processed, it cannot be cancelled. 

  • Annual giving statements are mailed by the end of January each year. If your address has changed, please email your full name, former address, and new address and phone number to Linnea.

  • If you have any questions, or would like give a gift of stock, inheritance, or other real property, please email Linnea or call (510) 651-0301.

Note About Giving via Credit/Debit Cards:

While we allow giving via credit cards, we encourage the use of a personal check or payment through your bank’s bill pay system. While many people do pay off their credit cards each month, there are many who are unable to. We discourage people from going into debt and incurring interest on gifts given to Crossroads. We offer giving by credit card as a convenience for those who manage their finances responsibly. With personal check or bill pay, 100% of your gift goes to the church. With credit/debit cards, the church will pay processing fees of up to 3% of each transaction/gift.