High School Ministries at our Echo Crossroads Campus (Fremont).


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-weekly events-

Tuesday EDGE: times vary based on activity. Please, review Calendar for more info!

Awesome activities and events for friendship-building and making great community,


Sunday Morning EDGE: (Sundays, 11:30am-12:30pm)

A Sunday morning experience designed specifically for high school students, offering worship music and
an engaging, relevant biblical message. 

ABS, Awesome Bible Study: (Thursday @6pm)

A deeper dive into the Christian faith, plus a chance to live life together in community.


Good for all of our camps, trips, events, and activities- please submit one now and we'll keep it on file for the entire year!

For more info, please contact Becca Osmond-Gould.

Adventure White Water

This Summer camp is designed for incoming 9-12th Grade students (This year ONLY includes outgoing Seniors too!) for students to have fun, build relationships with peers and ask tough questions! This camp takes place on August 6-9th, 2021. We head straight for Happy Camp, California for THREE whole days of rafting in the beautiful California mountains, on the American River. Sleep under the stars, breathe some fresh mountain air, and DON'T miss out on this Summer's GREATEST event.

Register HERE!

Now that the Spring Semester is here, we want to assure you that we will follow all guidelines regarding outdoor meetings (as well as indoor meetings once they are approved by Alameda county).

What this means for EDGE is the following:

  • We will continue to have EDGE on Sunday at the Echo Crossroads Fremont Campus at 11:30am in Building B. 
  • EDGE on Tuesdays will meet at 7:07-9pm in-person. Continue to invite your friends- they're probably really bored!
  • We also offer an EDGE Study Buddies option from 5-6:30pm that includes (a FREE) Dinner. 

We will comply with our local leadership as we reopen. Please read our safety protocols:

  1. For those with elderly at home or who are uncomfortable attending live meetings once they return, we will keep the Zoom option available! We genuinely care about you and your families, and we don’t want to put people of any age at risk. 
  2. Students should bring their own masks.
  3. Student Ministry Staff have completed the Covid-19 procedural training, and any indoor/outdoor facilities/props will be sanitized before and after the event.
  4. All staff, volunteers, and participants are required upon arrival to go to the central check in area for: 
    a. A temperature check
    b. Hand sanitizing
    c. Mask check (Note: A VERY small supply of masks will be available if someone forgets)
  5. Anyone failing the temperature check (100+ degrees) or showing signs of illness will not be allowed to attend the event. If dropping off your student, please wait for the "all clear" from staff before leaving.
  6. Restrooms will be available under the following conditions: 
    a. Building A permits only two (2) people at a time in the restroom. 
    b. Building B will allow for only one (1) person at a time. 
    c. The middle sinks in Building A will be blocked off to facilitate social distancing. If restrooms are at capacity, students will form a line outside,      leaving a 6ft gap in front of the door so students may exit.
  7. Any indoor meeting will meet and follow the social distancing guidelines of staying 6 feet apart and wearing masks while inside the room.
  8. Parents are encouraged to drop off students directly at any off-campus events which require transportation. Staff are not allowed to offer rides at this time.

Please feel free to contact Becca if you have any questions. 

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