Please select "North Bay Fire Relief" from the Fund menu.

100% of all designated gifts will be used to fund the relief effort.


After last weekend's services, Crossroads raised more than another thousand dollars worth of gift cards and financial gifts! We are blown away by the generosity of this community! We will be continuing to have the boxes available in the lobby this weekend and of course you can continue to give online by clicking the link above or by placing cash/checks in the offering bucket on the weekend. The dialogue with our partner churches is ongoing and we are continuing to determine how we can best serve our North Bay friends who have been devastated by these terrible fires. Thankfully, the fires are now almost completely contained and the destruction if almost over. Very soon we should be able to start planning opportunities to bring volunteer teams into the affected areas to help in the cleanup and rebuilding efforts. Details will be communicated as soon as they are available.



Today we were able to deliver nearly $8,000 worth of gift cards and financial support to our partner church, The Bridge, in Santa Rosa. Almost immediately, your gift were being put into the hands of people that desperately needed them. Lance Hough, our Creative Arts Director, also gave us a video update while on site in Santa Rosa. You can watch it below.



All we can say is, "WOW!" This weekend you brought thousands of dollars worth of gift cards to help those affected by the North Bay fires! But we are not stopping there. We will continue to collect funds and gift cards for the days and weeks to follow. As soon as we receive word from our partner churches about their specific needs, we will also begin collecting physical goods (i.e. clothes, canned food, household items). We are also determining how we can best serve in the rebuilding effort. Keep checking back for updates as this situation continues to develop.



If you would like to make a financial gift toward the relief effort, you can do so by bringing cash or check to either church campus and deposit it in the designated box in the lobby area. You can also give electronically by clicking here. Please make sure to select the "North Bay Fire Relief" option from the Fund drop down menu.



The ongoing fire crisis in the North bay is one that affects many of us deeply. People we know and love are being displaced, even losing homes and businesses. As a church, we want to respond in a real, tangible way and to be the hands and feet of Christ in this situation.

We have already reached out to churches in and around the affected area to try to determine the best way to help in the immediate need. We are partnering with The Bridge Church in Santa Rosa, along with roughly 50 other churches in that area to aid in the relief effort.

Because this emergency situation is still very fluid, there is still a lot of assessment and logistic coordination that needs to take place before determining the way that we can best serve our brothers and sisters in the North Bay in the weeks and months to come. However, there are a couple immediate needs that we can help with NOW!

1) The biggest issue facing the people in the Sonoma county area is temporary housing. Nearby motels and hotels are completely full. Some people are being redirected as far away as Roseville (that's nearly 120 miles away)! If you have an RV, trailer, camper, or the like that you would be willing to lend to a family in need of temporary housing, please send us an e-mail. Additionally, if you have an extra room(s) in your home that you would be willing to open up for displaced people, please let us know.

2) The second largest need is food. Many organizations are already collecting non-perishable food items which is great. However, most people displaced by the fire do not have any way to cook or prepare food right now. Our contacts suggested that a donation of gift cards for chain restaurants, even fast food, would be incredibly helpful. Cash gifts, gas cards, and grocery store cards are less helpful at this time because most stores and gas stations are closed or empty, and unable to restock because of the fires. But nearby restaurants have been able to stay open. If you would like to donate food cards, you can bring with them with you to either campus this weekend. Boxes are setup in the lobby/entrance area where you can deposit them.

And of course, we can continue to be in prayer for everyone affected by this terrible disaster. We will continue to be in discussion as to how we can best offer love and support in this situation, both now and in the weeks and months to come. Let's use this opportunity as a church to shine some of God's love and light into perhaps some of the darkest moments of peoples lives and point them towards Jesus!