Women's Groups

  • Women 1: YouVersion Bible Studies, Tues. 7PM (Click To Sign Up)

    We will be using the YouVersion Bible studies, starting with Good or God by John Bevere.  Our group is very relational, and will be cooking and serving dinner at the Tri City Homeless Shelter on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

    Leader: Wendy Rainey; stormieey@comcast.net

    When:  Tuesdays ~ 7-8:30 pm
    Where:  Central Fremont

  • Women 8: Current Message Series, Tues. 7 PM (Click To Sign Up)

    This Life Group for women of all ages will focus on serving God as we serve others. In this Bible study we will study the previous weekend's message in order to gain more insight into the scriptures and determine how we can live a more Christ-filled life as we serve others. Additionally, there will be an opportunity to serve at the Sunrise Village Homeless Shelter the 2nd Tuesday of each month beginning in January. If you are interested in being used by Christ through service, I would love to have you in this Life Group.

    Leader: Darlene Crittendon; jcgodsprop@yahoo.com

    When: Wednesdays ~ 7-8:30 pm

    Where: Crossroads, Giraffe Room

  • Women 2:  Annointed, Transformed, Redeemed: The Life of David, Wed. 7PM (Click To Sign Up)

    Leader: Leslie Allen; leslie_a_allen@hotmail.com

    When: Wednesdays ~ 7-8:30 pm

    Where: Central Fremont (near the Hub)

  • Women 3: Current Message Series, Wed. 7 PM (Click To Sign Up)

    We will meet each week to study God's word, digging deeper into the previous weekend's message, reading scripture and applying it to our daily lives. Join us for a time to connect with other women, share prayer requests and encourage one another.

    Leaders: Denise Perez; denise.i.perez@gmail.com & Tammie Solis

    When: Wednesdays ~ 7-8:30 pm

    Where: Central Fremont

  • Women 9: Current Message Series, Wed 7:15 pm (Click To Sign Up)

    This is a young adult women's group (ages 25-39). We will be meeting to discuss the weekend message and dig deeper into the Word of God. We will reflect on how to apply his word in order to recognize that God's love is real and personal. We want this space to be a place where we can be real about our struggles and be intimate with one another in a way that draws out our true dependence on God.

    Leader: Jeffra Bussmann, jeffra.diane@gmail.com.

    When: Wednesday 7:15 pm

    Location: Fremont (near Lake Elizabeth)

  • Women 4: Life Guide Bible Studies, Thurs. 10 AM (Click To Sign Up)

    We are a friendly group with women of all ages. We will read and discuss some of the LifeGuide Bible Studies, starting with Mark, Follow Me. In the New Testament Gospel of Mark, we meet Jesus, the man who is King. But this king comes to serve--not to be served. He eats with sinners rather than royalty. His crown is made of thorns instead of gold. This study guide introduces you to the compassionate, suffering, astonishing king who calls us to follow him.

    Leader: Wendy Rainey; stormieey@comcast.net

    When: Thursdays ~ 10-11:30 am

    Where: Central Fremont

  • Women 5: Current Message Series, Thurs. 10:30 AM


    We will be discussing the weekend messages and digging deeper into scripture, praying together, and laughing together. Please join us for a great time of fellowship and friendship!

    Leader: Karen McGovern; karen@crossroadsfremont.org

    When: Thursdays ~ 10:30 am-12 noon

    Where: Irvington District

  • Women 6: The Storm Inside, Thur. 6:45 PM (Click To Sign Up)

    We will be using the video-based study The Storm Inside, by Sheila Walsh.  We'll examine stories of women from the Bible to learn that we, too, can overcome the lies of the enemy and live as daughters of the King, even in the midst of daily storms.

    Leader: Alma Lindblom; ajblom@pacbell.net & Shirley Cartwright.

    When: Thursdays ~ 7-8:30 pm

    Where: Mission San Jose Area

  • Women 7: Current Message Series, Wed. 7 PM (THIS GROUP IS FULL)

    In addition to Bible study, we love to spend time praying for and encouraging each other in our daily lives. We are a group of moms (with kids ranging from infants to tweens), but all women are welcome. 

    Note: Wednesday Night Live (a children's program for ages 2 years through 6th grade) is available at Crossroads during our group time. Drive time from Crossroads to our meeting place is approximately 10 minutes.

    Leader: Rebecca Ravi; ravibecs@yahoo.com & Rosa Khau; rosavkhau@gmail.com

    When: 2nd & 4th Wednesdays ~ 7:00-8:30 pm

    Where: Central Fremont

  • Women 10: Current Message Series, Tues. 7PM (Click To Sign Up)

    Join us as we discuss the weekend messages as women juggling many responsibilities. Find a haven to get our hearts and minds refreshed & ready for life's daily challenges.

    Leader:  Jenny Castillo; jentrinidad@hotmail.com

    When: Tuesdays ~ 7-8:30pm

    Where: Glenmoor District of Fremont