PRESCHOOL (3 mon - 5 yrs)

Available all weekend services across all campuses.

3 Months - 23 months: For the first few years of life, we focus on making both the child's and parents experience at church a positive and safe one. We want children to encounter God's love and grace at the earliest opportunity.

24 months - 3 yrs. (un-potty-trained): We begin with lots of hugs and play time for our toddlers. We have an interactive "Blue's Clues" format that shares Bible stories and songs about Jesus that toddlers can enjoy.

3 year olds (potty-trained) - pre-K: Once little ones have been potty trained, they will enter our preschool class. Our preschool classes are designed to ensure the safety of all the little ones in our care and to meet the special needs of preschool children. In Giraffes’ they will begin a more structured classroom. It is an interactive teacher/video program that teaches Bible Stories, learning activities, music, and prayer in a format that is engaging and age appropriate for our little learners.